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FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 45 – Orange Cars

fall friendly orange cars

When Autumn Falls, Orange Cars Roll Out for Seasonal Sightseeing Orange you glad you checked in to read this great feature! Orange you serious? Orange cars? Who would buy an orange car? We guarantee you would be surprised. This article features automobiles that look as good, or better, in orange than their traditional, more subtle […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 33 – Wonderbug To The Rescue!

Dune Buggy Enterprises

Junk Yard Car to Magical Dune Buggy Three teens find a “SCHLEP” car and a magical horn, and they start fighting crime! For two seasons starting in 1976, the Krofft Supershow featured a magical dune buggy called Wonderbug. This old, beat-up, “pieces-parts” vehicle had two personalities – one of a junk car named “SCHLEPCAR” (taken […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 12 – Volkswagen’s The Thing

1973 Volkswagen Thing

The Weirdest, Most Poorly-Named Vehicle In The History of Coolness. Introducing the 1973 Volkswagen Thing, aka the “Type 181”, and aka “The Bucket Car”. Not that it’s not a monster movie. The Thing is a car. Well, sort of. It’s more like a jeep. Imagine a stripped-down, all-metal utility vehicle; square as could be, with […]