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Fraser is one of the largest providers of remanufactured engines and transmissions in the United States

Since 1961, Fraser Engines and Transmissions has been providing the highest quality replacement engines, transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases.

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Remanufactured Engines – Quality, Price and Excellence

Engines suffer from myriad sources of wear and tear that can eventually destroy them. While a properly maintained engine might last hundreds of thousands of miles, a poorly maintained one can and will fail.

When engine failure occurs, there are several choices, including buying a crate engine or considering Chevy, Ford, Jeep or GMC remanufactured engines. The most cost-effective solution is to choose a remanufactured engine. A Chevy, Ford, Jeep or GMC remanufactured engine is one that has been fully disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up.

Don’t confuse a rebuilt engine with one that’s been remanufactured. Remanufacturing is done with precision at a factory, and involves fully disassembling the entire engine, cleaning all the components and resurfacing or replacing parts that are not in good condition. Pistons are replaced, cylinders are bored out and then everything is reassembled with precision computer equipment before performance testing occurs. At, we take considerable pride in ensuring that service centers, mechanic shops and individual consumers always receive the highest quality components. That holds true for our GMC, Ford, Jeep and Chevy remanufactured engines as well.

Why Consider Purchasing Remanufactured Engines?

Three major considerations make reman components more appealing to buyers than other options. These include: 

Quality – When you buy a Chevy, Ford, Jeep or GMC remanufactured engine from Fraser Engines, you are receiving the highest quality in the industry. 

Price – Where price is concerned, reman components are hands-down more affordable than crate engines. 

Expertise – At, our expert staff will help ensure that you get the right information and engine for your vehicle, whether you drive a Ford, Chevy, Jeep, GMC or another type of vehicle.

NOTE: All Orders completed, then cancelled, incur a 10% processing fee.

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