Refurbished Engines

Your expectations of a Fraser Certified Refurbished Program engine should be no less than the day it was originally built. Fraser Certified Refurbished engines provide outstanding quality and value, without being modified or re-machined, as remanufactured engines are. Our refurbished engines also include a new spark plugs and water pump.

Some restrictions apply, Please call our refurbished engine team at 800-731-3177 for complete details.


2.4L GM

2.7L Dodge

3.5L GM

3.6L Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

3.6L GM

3.7L Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

3.7L GM

3.8L Jeep

4.0L Ford

4.0L Jeep

4.2L Ford

4.6L Ford

4.8L GM

5.3L GM

5.4L Ford


6.0 GM

6.8L Ford