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Certified Refurbished & Used Program

A Certified Refurbished engine is not unlike a Certified Pre-owned car. There are a base set of standards and criteria the engine must meet to pass a Certified Refurbished inspection. The engines are tested on a SIM test stand (simulates running) meaning the engines are rotated at normal operating RPM so the following can be checked:

      • Compression– Compression testing indicates if the cylinder bore area seals up which is very important for the performance of the engine. Too low compression or uneven compression between cylinders would indicate there is excessive wear on the rings or valves and these could cause high oil usage, check engine light to illuminate or even early engine failure.

      • Oil pressure and oil flow– Oil pressure is key to proper engine lubrication. High oil flow will give you low oil pressure which may be an indication of severe wear on the bearings. Also, incorrect oil pressure may set a code and illuminate a check engine light if it isn’t correct.  


      • Torque to Turn– Torque to Turn measures the amount of resistance for the engine to operate. If the engine is too tight and hard to turn, this may indicate the engine had been improperly maintained. 

      • VVT/VCT-Variable Valve Timing and Variable Cam Timing are common on today’s engines and are critical for the engine components to work on-time to optimize performance. When operating properly, these units help control fuel mileage as they reduce compression on the cylinders as the engine gets up to operating capacity. 

The engines being produced today by vehicle manufacturers are very sophisticated. They are lower cubic inch engines that run at higher RPM’s to create better performance and improved fuel economy. Fraser’s engines are 3-7 years old with varying mileages.  Mileage is not the best factor to determine the engine’s quality or longevity. Other factors, such as how the engine was maintained by the previous owner are far more significant. The process Fraser’s Certified Refurbished Program uses will tell us everything you need to know about the quality of the engine.

Your expectations of a Fraser Certified Refurbished Program engine should be no less than the day it was built. Fraser Certified Refurbished engines provide outstanding quality and value, without being modified or re-machine, as re-manufactured engines are.