Fraser Engine Rebuilders, Inc.

Fraser Engines Brands & Partners

Understanding the dynamics of the market is crucial, as it impacts us at Fraser Engines, along with everyone else. Occasionally, the specific engine you require might not be immediately available from our inventory. However, we take pride in our strategic partnerships with some of the industry’s most reputable and reliable companies. These collaborations ensure that even when Fraser Engines can’t provide the engine you need promptly, our trusted partners are ready to step in and deliver excellence. Below our just a few of our partners: 


Automotive Engine Remanufacturing is recognized for its commitment to quality, innovation, stability, and financial strength. With over 70 years in the engine remanufacturing industry, Automotive Engine Remanufacturing has established itself as a world leader, known for its principles and reputation. Their partnership with Fraser Engines leverages this rich history and expertise, ensuring customers receive top-tier remanufactured engines backed by a legacy of excellence. 


TMC TRANSMISSIONS is renowned for its excellence in the transmission remanufacturing industry, making it a premier supplier for Fraser. Their dedication to quality and comprehensive range of products ensures reliable, high-performing transmission solutions, aligning well with Fraser's commitment to delivering top-notch automotive components to their customers.


DEM Engine Solutions is acknowledged for their meticulous remanufacturing of diesel engines, marking them as a top-tier supplier for Fraser. Their adherence to stringent quality standards, along with their comprehensive testing procedures, ensures that every engine they supply upholds the highest levels of performance and dependability, perfectly complementing Fraser's commitment to delivering outstanding and reliable products to their clientele.


Ford Motorcraft Engines are known for their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality, making them a preferred choice for Fraser as a premier supplier of replacement engines. These engines are built to exact factory specifications, ensuring compatibility and reliability, and come with the assurance of Ford's comprehensive testing and quality control processes. This partnership allows Fraser to offer its customers high-quality, reliable OEM replacement engines, maintaining the performance and integrity of their vehicles.


Fraser Engines has formed a strategic partnership with SRC Manufacturing, a company recognized for its comprehensive remanufacturing services and custom programs across various industries including agricultural, industrial, construction, and automotive. SRC's expertise extends from remanufacturing to new assembly, supply chain management, and more, ensuring that Fraser Engines can rely on them for certain engines that are not immediately available in their lineup or during times of high demand.


Fraser Engines strategically partners with Jasper Engines for specific engines that are either not part of Fraser's manufacturing line-up or have extensive lead times. Jasper Engines is renowned for its commitment to quality remanufacturing, extensive inventory, and dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring a reliable source of engines that meet Fraser's high standards. This collaboration enhances Fraser's ability to deliver diverse and timely engine solutions to meet the varied needs of their customers.


TK North America, known for its premier remanufactured engines, is a key partner of Fraser Engines. They offer a wide array of high-quality, reliable engines, aligning well with Fraser's commitment to excellence.