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$ 2189
  • Core Deposit - $800.00 (fully refundable)
  • Shipping (round trip) - $250.00
  • Warranty - 3 Year / 100K Miles (upgrades available see below)
Extended Warranty: +$180.00
Premium Labor: +$150.00
  • Reset Keep Alive Memory.


  • Every transmission comes with a remanufactured and enhanced torque converter.
  • To prevent front seal leaks, vibration, and early bushing wear, all torque converters undergo testing for leaks, lock-up functionality, concentricity, and balance.
  • Independently tested, each fully remanufactured valve body includes a comprehensive system correction and recalibration kit.
  • Valves susceptible to wear are meticulously restored to exact specifications and vacuum tested to ensure they function correctly.
  • Each remanufactured transmission undergoes thorough testing under hot, cold, load conditions, and simulated road tests using our advanced CARS (Computer-Aided Road Simulation) dynamometer program.

This Ford 4R100 transmission is remanufactured with the HIGHEST QUALITY PARTS AVAILABLE.

The Ford 4R100 transmission is a four-speed automatic transmission that was used in select Ford truck models from 1998 to 2004. It features an all-aluminum case and extension housing, along with hydraulically-controlled planetary gear sets for smooth operation. Electronic shift control allows for precise gear changes, and overdrive and lock-up torque converter contribute to improved fuel efficiency.

The specifications of the Ford 4R100 transmission include:

  • 2.45:1 gear ratio in 1st gear, 1.45:1 in 2nd gear, 1.00:1 in 3rd gear, and 0.69:1 in 4th gear.
  • It has a 6-bolt hexagon bolt pattern and a transmission length of 23.3 inches (593 mm).
  • The weight of the 4R100 transmission ranges from 200 to 300 pounds (91 to 136 kg), and it is rated to handle up to 700 lb-ft (949 Nm) of torque, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

The Ford 4R100 transmission was used in various Ford truck models, including the F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, and Ford Excursion, during the years 1998 to 2004. It offered improved electronic controls compared to its predecessor, allowing for smooth shifting and torque converter lock-up, which resulted in better fuel efficiency and drivability.

Although the 4R100 transmission was eventually replaced by newer transmission models in Ford trucks, it remains a popular choice among truck enthusiasts and can still be found in older Ford truck models. Its durable construction and ability to handle high torque make it a reliable option for heavy-duty use.


  • The clutch count in all drums has been enhanced to bolster holding power and reduce the likelihood of slippage. Specifically, the overdrive and intermediate clutches now feature 3 clutches each, while the direct clutch has been augmented to include 5 clutches.
  • The pump has undergone precise machining to restore its clearances to OE+ specifications, enhancing pressure and flow. This modification addresses the typical wear issues seen with the original aluminum pump and steel gear setup.
  • For V10 and diesel applications, the torque converter has been equipped with a triple clutch and a billet cover, providing a robust solution to prevent converter failure.
  • The front and rear planetary gears have been upgraded from their original aluminum construction to a more durable 5 pinion steel design.
  • Installation of a new boost valve has been carried out to increase pressure, thereby enhancing flow and improving shift quality.
  • The valve body of each transmission has been completely remanufactured, including the addition of all-new heavy-duty springs, to address and correct any shifting irregularities.
  • Each transmission undergoes rigorous testing under both cold and hot conditions using a specialized dynamometer testing program. This program utilizes fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid and incorporates a filtration system to ensure optimal performance.

Discover the Ford 4R100 Transmission: Unmatched Durability and Control | Fraser Engines & Transmissions

Fraser Engines & Transmissions is excited to present the Ford 4R100 transmission, a testament to robust engineering and innovative design. Developed by Ford, this four-speed automatic transmission is renowned for its exceptional durability, control, and performance. Designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles, from powerful trucks to full-size vans, the 4R100 is crafted to elevate your vehicle’s capability and driving enjoyment.

Key Advantages of the Ford 4R100 Transmission

  • Robust Four-Speed Design: The Ford 4R100 transmission offers a solid four-speed layout, providing optimal gear ratios for a broad range of driving needs. This robust design enhances torque delivery and fuel efficiency, while ensuring smooth gear shifts.

  • Precision Shift Control: Featuring an advanced control system, the 4R100 accurately adjusts its shifting strategy to align with current driving conditions, delivering a personalized and exceptionally smooth driving experience.

  • Built for the Long Haul: With its foundation in heavy-duty applications, including towing and high-load driving, the 4R100 transmission is engineered for reliability and peak performance under various driving scenarios.

Our Quality Assurance at Fraser Engines & Transmissions

At Fraser Engines & Transmissions, our commitment to excellence sets us apart. Each Ford 4R100 transmission undergoes a comprehensive remanufacturing process, ensuring it surpasses factory specifications. Our focus on quality craftsmanship guarantees that every transmission delivers lasting performance and dependability to each of our customers.

Why Choose the Ford 4R100 from Fraser Engines & Transmissions?

  • Meticulous Remanufacturing Process: Our remanufactured Ford 4R100 transmissions benefit from precise engineering and the use of high-grade materials, resulting in exceptional durability and performance that exceeds expectations.

  • Extensive Warranty Support: We stand confidently behind our Ford 4R100 transmissions with a robust warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

  • Professional Expertise: Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing you with expert advice, helping you select the perfect transmission for your vehicle to ensure flawless compatibility and enhanced performance.

Transform Your Drive with the Ford 4R100 Transmission

Opting for the Ford 4R100 transmission from Fraser Engines & Transmissions means choosing superior efficiency, power, and reliability. Explore our selection today and take the first step towards revolutionizing your driving experience.


  • W400-3L7ZB
  • W400-F8UZMB
  • W400-XL1ZDB
  • W400-YC3ZB
  • 1C2P-NA
  • 1C2P-NB
  • 1C2P-NC
  • 1C2Z-NCRM
  • 1C3P-BA
  • 1C3P-BB
  • 1C3P-BC
  • 1C3Z-BCRM
  • 1L3P-BA
  • 1L3P-BB
  • 1L3P-BC
  • 1L3Z-BCRM
  • 1L7P-BA
  • 1L7P-BB
  • 1L7P-BC
  • 1L7Z-BCRM
  • 3L7P-BA
  • 3L7Z-BARM
  • F81P-BA
  • F81P-BB
  • F81Z-BBRM
  • F8UP-MB
  • XC3P-CA
  • XL1P-DB
  • XL3P-HB
  • YC2P-WA
  • YC3P-BA
  • YC3P-RA
  • YL1P-BA
  • YL3P-BA


  • Transmission Fluid: 17
  • Converter Mount/Diameter: 4 Lug
  • Tail Housing: Without
  • Starter: 3 Bolt Starter Pocket
  • Fluid Type: PZL-HIGHMG
  • Pan Bolts: 20
  • Transmission Speeds: 4-Speed
  • Cooler Replacement Required: No
  • Bell Housing Included: Yes
  • Lockup: Yes
  • Radiator Replacement Required: No
  • Cooler Included: No
  • Average R&R: 6.4
  • Sensor Type: With Sensor in Tail Housing
  • Radiator Included: No
  • Output Type: 4WD with OSS Rotor
  • Transmission Family: 4R100
  • Torque Converter Included: Yes
  • Speedometer Type: Without Speedometer Gear on Output Shaft



The Ford 4R100 transmission was used in select Ford truck models during the years 1998 to 2004. Some of the Ford truck models that were equipped with the 4R100 transmission during this time period include:

  • Ford F-250: The 4R100 transmission was available in various configurations of the Ford F-250, including both 2WD (two-wheel drive) and 4WD (four-wheel drive) models, with different engine options such as the 5.4L V8, 6.8L V10, and 7.3L V8 Power Stroke diesel.
  • Ford F-350: The 4R100 transmission was used in different configurations of the Ford F-350, including both 2WD and 4WD models, with engine options such as the 5.4L V8, 6.8L V10, and 7.3L V8 Power Stroke diesel.
  • Ford F-450: The 4R100 transmission was also utilized in certain Ford F-450 models, which are heavy-duty trucks designed for commercial use or heavy towing. These models typically came with the 7.3L V8 Power Stroke diesel engine.
  • Ford F-550: Some Ford F-550 models, which are even heavier-duty trucks designed for commercial or industrial use, were equipped with the 4R100 transmission. These models also typically featured the 7.3L V8 Power Stroke diesel engine.
  • Ford Excursion: The Ford Excursion, which is a full-size SUV based on the Ford Super Duty truck platform, was also available with the 4R100 transmission during the years 1998 to 2004. It offered various engine options, including the 5.4L V8, 6.8L V10, and 7.3L V8 Power Stroke diesel.

It’s important to note that transmission options may vary by model year, trim level, and other factors, so it’s always best to consult the vehicle’s specifications or consult with a Ford dealer for accurate and up-to-date information on which car years and models were equipped with the Ford 4R100 transmission.


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