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Engine & Transmission Tips • Issue 29



This installment covers engine selection, Fraser warranties, and proper installation

uth engine closeup 372364590Welcome to Part 3 of Fraser Engine Co’s three-part series on knowing when it’s time to replace your engine or you’re your whole car. We want this in-depth feature to help you make an informed decision before you choose to buy a remanufactured engine from us.

In Part 1 we covered the emotional and financial variables in deciding to replace just your engine or the entire vehicle.

And in Part 2 we addressed tell-tale signs that may influence this kind of decision.

This week we will visit Fraser’s Remanufactured Engine Selection Tools: what Fraser’s Warranties cover; and why installation by a licensed automotive professional is urgently recommended.


uth engine isolated as146122839PART 3


Let’s say you’ve decided it’s time to replace your engine, either because it failed, or you just want an engine that has been meticulously rebuilt to exacting standards. The first thing you need to do is find the right engine, (or transmission… Fraser rebuilds transmissions also!)

  1. Gather your car’s information, and make sure it’s right – To find the exact engine for your car or truck, you’ll need to know exactly what vehicle you actually have. Normally people look at the inside of the driver’s door or door jamb for those details, but there’s an easier way. Just write down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) located on the driver’s side of your dashboard, right near the edge of the window glass. This number can also be found on your car’s registration documentation.
    Once you have your VIN, visit Fraser Engine Co.’s VIN Decoder page. On this page, enter your VIN and you’ll receive all the information about your car, some of which may surprise you. For example, the year your car was made is listed right inside your door, but sometimes its off a little because it was a mid-year, or late-year build.
    The results will clearly show you the engine and transmission installed in your vehicle.
  1. Learn about your engine – Go to any page on, and click on the REMANUFACTURED ENGINES button (blinking yellow) in the top menu. A drop-down will appear with our most popular engines. Click on the appropriate engine link and review the information carefully. For most engines, there are three different options: Standard, Extended, and Recommended. Each of these options represent the level of quality of the engine, the included warranty, and of course, the base cost.

NOTE: Fraser remanufacturers approximately 100 engines from Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Toyota, and other manufacturers. If you don’t see your exact engine in the drop-down list, please fill out the Quick Quote form on the left-hand side of the home page, or, for immediate help, call: 800-731-3177 directly.



fraser gm 62l engineFraser offers three levels of warranty coverage: the Fraser Standard Warranty, the Fraser No-Fault Protection Plan, and the Fraser No-Fault Platinum 7-Year Warranty. NOTE: The coverage offered within these warranties varies according to the actual engine or transmission purchased, the type of vehicle in which it is installed, and who installs it.

Expanded-coverage warranty upgrades are available on virtually all of our engines and transmissions. For example, our typical Standard Warranty generally includes 3-years, unlimited-miles, and parts & labor coverage for your remanufactured engine. But our customers asked for even more coverage, so the Standard Warranty can be upgraded to our No-Fault (no questions asked) Plan for as little as $149.00 more. And there’s even more…

When you speak with your Fraser sales representative, ask for details on the warranty that comes with your engine, (or transmission), and what additional options are available. For a complete listing of warranties available from Fraser Engine Co., visit Fraser’s Warranty Information Page.

  1. Our Standard Warranty explained – Fraser’s Standard Warranty accompanies most standard and extended engines at no additional cost, and offers three to four years, (depending on the engine) of coverage from the date of registration. This included warranty has no mileage restrictions and includes labor reimbursement at the industry-standard $50 per hour (Mitchell Certified Engine/Transmission Mechanics) rate. And, if required, the first-time long block replacement is FREE!
  2. Our No-Fault Protection Plan explained – Fraser’s No-Fault Protection Plan add the comfort of “no questions asked” coverage to our Standard Warranty coverage, same 3-5 year duration, unlimited mileage, and approved labor reimbursement. For the No-Fault Protection Plan reimbursement is paid in cases of original product failure. As with the standard warranty, labor is paid at the industry-standard $50 per hour*. And, if required, the first-time long block replacement is also included for free.
  3. Our No-Fault Platinum (7-Year Warranty) Plan explained – Fraser’s No-Fault Platinum Plan is our most-comprehensive warranty available. Available for most engines, this platinum upgrade up to seven years of coverage. It includes unlimited mileage, and labor reimbursement at your shop’s posted or advertised rate – up to $95 per hour. The Platinum Plan also includes a $100 towing allowance, a $150 car-rental allowance, and a $50 fluid replacement allowance. These benefits are all available in cases of original product failure. Labor is only reimbursed on approved claims after factory inspection. And, if required, first-time long block replacement is free.

NOTE: Most Fraser Gold Standard High Durability Crate Engines automatically come with the 5-year, No-Fault Plan warranty. The Platinum Plan 7-year warranty is also available as an upgrade.



  1. Professionals are experienced – Many garages advertise “engine repairs, etc.” however, a professional engine replacement shop will be certified; most of them by the Automotive Machining & Engine Repair organization, (AERA). This badge of certification is important because it clearly indicates the level of training and experience possessed to perform the engine, (or transmission), replacement correctly. Without this certification, you have no guarantees that the garage or mechanic is qualified to do the replacement, and therefore will certainly be a warranty claim issue if installation was done incorrectly.
  2. Professionals are responsible – Licensed garages offer both accountability and thoroughness. A certified mechanic knows what to look for and how to perform a certified engine, (or transmission), installation. They don’t cut corners on make-shift repairs, or put at-risk parts back into the drivetrain. They duty-bound to perform these tasks at the highest level, and accept full responsibility if the work is not done correctly.
  3. Professionals ensure your Warranty is honored – Sure you can try to install your shiny new Fraser Remanufactured Engine yourself… with help from your neighbor Earl, but you’ll lose the peace of mind that comes with our warranty coverage. In plain English, if you do not have a certified professional perform the engine installation, your Fraser Remanufactured Engine Warranty will likely be void. Additionally, Fraser warranties can be voided if the Engine Break-In procedure is not followed precisely. And the most important thing to do first is call your Fraser Engine Co. Warranty Representative and register your purchase. This is when your warranty coverage begins. If the engine has not been registered within 30 days of purchase, this may also void the warranty.

So, remember to be on top of the replacement process, and be sure to include the installing garage’s information on your registration documentation.



We at Fraser Engine Co. know there is a LOT of information in this final installment, and really even more in the three-part series, but we hope you’ve had the time to read through them, and appreciate that this is the best way to make a decision about replacing your vehicle’s engine. We trust you know to always make an informed decision.


Fraser Engine Rebuilders specializes in remanufactured engines. Any diagnostic computers in your car will operate exactly the same with our products. Visit our home page to find the right engine, if yours is ready to retire. They’re less expensive than you might think and come in different options and warranties!

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