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Engine & Transmission Tips • Issue 19

Ultimate Father's Day

Gifts List

A Curated List of Outstanding Dad Day Gift Ideas

uth dads day garage graphicThat’s why we remanufacture engines and transmissions. Just because a part of a car fails, it doesn’t mean you throw the whole car away. So, with that in mind, we carefully curated the following list of what we consider the Ultimate Dad’s Day Gifts…  for car-lovers.

Whether dad drives a modern touring or muscle car, a classic, or a crazy-ass abomination, the following gifts will offer convenience and enjoyment for any car-guy.

Because this list grew so big, we have broken the gifts into four categories, “Hands-On” gifts, “Wash-On, Wax-Off”, “Some Assembly Required” gifts, and finally “Fasten Your Five-Point Harness” gifts.

Hands-On gifts

These three great gifts for dad include links that go to search pages. There are so many products in these categories, that personal-preference factors in so significantly that we don’t feel comfortable recommending one item over another. Please browse the search results to find the gift that best fits your dad.

uth dads day gifts gadgets 01A dashboard or vent magnetic car charger mount – This gift is invaluable if you own a smart phone that supports magnetic charging. For us iPhone users, an Apple Magsafe-compatible magnet charging mount on our car is a nicety we didn’t know we needed and now just can’t imagine not having.

uth dads day gifts gadgets 02A Windshield Dash Cam – This may seem silly to some, but every ride-share driver has the dual-camera version of this gadget and will swear by it’s value. Having a dash cam, especially one you can access with your phone will be a valuable addition to your motoring experience for instances like that deer jumping over the car in front of you, to that plane landing on the highway ahead of you, to that unfortunate fender-bender. And every dad will love having this spy-like new toy.

uth dads day gifts gadgets 03A digital tire pressure gauge – This might seem pedestrian, and at under $10, more of a token, but a backlit, digital tire gauge in the glove box is such an aggravation-saver, every car should have one. Whether dad will use this in the driveway on the car, motorcycle or bicycle, or at the gas station, a digital readout doesn’t make mistakes, and ensures adding the right amount of air for the safest drive.


Wash-On, Wax-Off gifts

Below are smart car wash & detailing kits, featuring all-inclusive, tools-only, and product-only:

uth dads day gifts car care 01First is Chemical Guy’s Arsenal Builder Kit with Foam Canon – this kit include everything you need to build an arsenal of car-care tools and products, including a 5 gal. bucket with dirt-trap strainer insert, the Foam Blaster soap gun, a scratch-free wash mitt, thre microfiber towels, a soft-touch brush, a finish applicator, and a 16 oz. bottle of car wash soap, wet wax, wheel & rim cleaner, glass cleaner, and tire shine spray. This really is the ultimate starter kit.

uth dads day gifts car care 02

Note: There are two links. One included the foam canon for use with a regular garden hose, and the other includes the foam canon for use with a pressure washer, which offers a LOT more power. Select carefully.

Second is Relentless Drive’s Ultimate Car Detailing Kit – This is a kit contains 14 premium exterior and interior cleaning tools ONLY, no soaps or finishes. Included are a wash mitt, wash brush, tire brush, rim brush, wax applicator, window squeegee, interior electrostatic duster, gel dust magnet, vent-blade cleaner, an extra-large absorbent drying towel, a lint-free microfiber final dusting towel, a collapsible bucket, a new-car-small refresher, and a carrying bag.

uth dads day gifts car care 03

We selected this kit because these are a solid set of car-care tools you can use with any existing products you may already have, and with the elite Meguiar’s kit below.

Last is Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit – As the kit above is just tools, this kit is a selection of exceptional Meguiar’s products, (with a few application and polishing cloths.) Included are Gold Class car wash, Carnauba wax, PlastX cleaner, ScratchX 2.0, Quik exterior and interior detailer spray, Endurance tire gel, two clay bars, a foam applicator, wash mitt, and microfiber towel.

Some Assembly Required gifts

uth dads day gifts 01Fast & The Furious Slot Car Racing Set ($40)
The Fast & The Furious movie franchise is a favorite among car fans, and this slot car racing set brings it to life for you with Dom’s Dodge Charger and a police car, two controllers, and an extended 15 ft. figure-eight track with airborne jump included!

In the LEGO department, we couldn’t just pick one, so here are three from moderate to extreme pricing. The detail, functionality, and father-child build time increased proportionately with the price.

uth dads day gifts 02LEGO Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 ($50)

A bright orange ZR1 is a great ride to build together on Father’s Day. It for kids, (and dads) ages 9 and up, and contains 579 pieces. This set includes the online “Instructions PLUS” tool, which makes building a lot easier. Developed with Corvette engineers, it features the true color scheme, spoked rims and low profile tires, a rear wing, and a detailed dV8 engine with moving pistons!

uth dads day gifts 03LEGO “App Controlled” TOP GEAR Rally Car ($130)

Top Gear is the epic car-enthusiast’s TV show. Now you and your dad can built this this app-controlled rally car model, and then drive it over your own rally course! Over 10 inches long, it features a Smart Hub XL and L motor with authentic vehicle movements.

uth dads day gifts 04LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron ($380)

Yeah, it’s ridiculously expensive, for kids, (and dads) 16 years or older, and has 3,599 parts. But who cares… it’s a Bugatti street-legal supercar. The amount of detail in this kit car is insane, from tools to adjust the rear wing and W16 engine, to an elaborate cockpit and a unique serial number under the hood!

Fasten Your Five-Point Harness gifts

(aka Immersive Performance Driving Schools and Experiences for Dad)

uth racing school skip barberSkip Barber Racing Schools offer a great selection of performance driving experience from $800 to $3,200. Part art and part science, these experiences feature world-renowned instructions and Mustang GT vehicles. Options are Intro to Racing, one and three-day racing schools and a two-day advanced school. They even have a Formula car racing school.

uth racing school spring mountain motorsportsSpring Mountain Motorsports offers an official Corvette High-Performance Driving School for owner or potential buyers. It’s an immersive experience by the legendary Ron Fellows. Options start at $3,700, and three levels of track racing starting at $4,000 for Level 1. Spring Mountain even offers a Radical SR3 two-day track racing school, for $4,400.

uth racing school richard petty driving experienceThe Richard Petty Driving Experience is by far the most recognized NASCAR vehicle performance driving school with locations around the country. Start with a “drivers’ meeting”, a check in with the crew chief, training and instruction and then get behind the wheel, and drive (alone) for a timed-racing session. There’s no lead or follow cars, and you get from five to 48 minutes of track time. Pit stops let you learn how to drive faster and even pass other cars. Track time packages range from $200 to $2,000, and vary from region locations.

We hope you found this list unique and helpful in selecting a creative and meaningful gift for the dad in your life. Happy Father’s Day!


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