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Engine & Transmission Tips • Issue 1

Welcome To Our World

January 15, 2021

Welcome to Fraser Engine Company’s Under The Hood – A new resource for engine and transmission tips.

uth 3D car engine holographic 1200Our goal is that the information you read in this series directly impacts, and improves, your understanding of your vehicle. We know some of you are experts in your respective automotive fields, but many of your are simply car owners that would love to learn a little more about what’s under your hood.


Our first articles will feature general knowledge about engines and transmissions. We’ll talk about the evolution of the car engine from it’s glory days, to modern, computer-driven, performance machines.

uth vintage engine compartment 1200We’ll also explain the difference between an automatic transmission, and a manual (stick-shift) option. What are the advantages to one, over the other, and how they too are evolving.

You will read features about drivetrain care and maintenance, including topics like the advantages of synthetic oil over traditional, and how to determine if you should ever change your transmission fluid. (For some transmissions, it’s a 100% no!)

You will also find detailed information on the engines and transmissions Fraser Engine Co. sells. Not just marketing sheet banter, but real specifications, applications, and even our warranties.

We know the regular visitors to our site are often also regular customers. Many of your work in the automotive industry, and purchase engines and transmissions from us for your fleets, companies and customers. For you, we want to expand on our most popular engines and how to select the best fit for your particular need.

uth car transmission cut away 1200On the other hand, we also know there are casual, or first-time, visitors to the site that are either inquisitive about a remanufactured engines and transmissions, or actually need one, and are doing their research. For you, we want to communicate that this is our livelihood, and has been since 1961.


As a family business, we live, breathe, and talk about hundreds of machines every day. We know them inside and out, and want to share that knowledge and insight with you. Our goal is for you to make an informed decision and are 100% happy through the entire experience.

That being said, we plan to provide you with weekly features that engage, inform, and hopefully bring you back again.

Thanks for checking in, and don’t forget to check Under The Hood!

The Fraser Engine Company Family


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