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FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 40 – Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road - Stampede

88 Bad-Ass Custom Vehicles, Half of Which Were Destroyed This Award-Winning Film Took Action To A New Level with All Real Stunts Mad Max: Fury Road is a car junkie’s Valhalla, (heaven). EDITOR’S NOTE: Before you read anything else, get into your head that 90% of the stunts in this film are real! Only a […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 30 – Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine

Scooby-Doos Mystery Machine

Is it a Bedford CF, a Chevy, a Ford Econoline, or a Dodge? Opinions vary. “It’s Mean. It’s Green. It’s the Mystery Machine!” The incredible Mystery Machine, almost as much of a star in Scooby-Doo as Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scoob, has many faces. Owned by Neckerchief-stylin’ Fred Jones, the Mystery Machine was an […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 26 – Death Proof’s Chevy Nova

Death Proofs Chevy Nova

The 100% death proof weapon of choice for Stuntman Mike Quentin Tarantino proves that cars are freaking terrifying! Referred to as Tarantino’s worst movie, Death Proof is a gear-heads dream movie mixed with super trashy fun, and a true head-nod to stunt work that includes pinky-violence, the slasher genre, and hang-out movies. The movie was […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 22 – Jaws Beach Blazer

Jaws Poster

Amity Island Police Chief Brody’s 1975 Chevy Blazer The topless Blazer was cool as heck on a hot Summer beach! While the blockbuster movie JAWS centers around an ominous shark terrorizing a small beach community, one star emerged while whizzing along the sandy roads of Amity Island. It was the police chief’s everyday four-wheeler, a […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 20 – The Tumbler Batmobile

Part Three of a Three-Part Series Gone are the sweeping, curvy lines. In bounces the Tumbler Introducing The Tumbler Gone are the sweeping curves of the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Batmobiles. In the new trilogy of “Dark Knight” Batman movies, Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), director Christopher Nolan […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 19 – The 1990s Batmobile

The 1990s Batmobile

Part Two of a Three-Part Series Hollywood Reshapes The Batmobile To Be Stylish and Badass While this is part two of our Batmobile series, it features the first “wave” of Batmobiles, conceived by director Tim Burton for the original Batman movie (1989) and Batman Returns, (1992). The design was essentially carried through by director Joel […]

FAST FACTS Vol. 1, Issue 4 – 1978 Chevy Trucks – A Best Seller!

1978 Chevy Trucks

From 1978 thru 1983 saw Chevy sell over 1,310,000 models of this very popular, comfortable, and rugged truck. Engine options in 1978 for Chevy trucks included: 250 I-6 (4.4L), which provided 105 horsepower 292 (5.0L) I-6 with 120 horsepower 250 V-8 with 175 horsepower 400 V-8 (6.6L), which provided 185 horsepower. Three-speed manual transmissions, four-speed […]