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Steve McQueen’s 1968 “Bullitt” Car Sells for $3.74 Million


1977 Pontiac Trans Am

ENGINE SPECS for the “Bullitt” Car:
1968 Ford Mustang
6.4 Liter RB V8 Engine
Botg-Warner T-10 Heavy Duty Transmission
Estimated Brake-Horsepower Rating of 320
Engine was modified with race equipment prior to filming

WHY IS THIS CAR SPECIAL.Why is this car special?

The star of one of the most infamous car chase scenes in cinematic history is none other than the “Bullitt” 1968 Mustang. Originally there there were two Mustangs used in the movie, however this one was used in the chase scenes specifically. Owned by the Kiernan family for the last 45 years, the “Bullitt” sold at auction early January this year for an amazing $3.74 million dollars (final price including buyer’s premium). The most famous Mustang in the world is now the most expensive Mustang ever purchased. This record used to be held by the 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, which sold for $2.2 million the previous year.

According to a Reuter’s Report, Steve McQueen tried to get the vehicle back in 1977. He wrote a letter to the Kiernans, offering a small amount of money for the car as well as finding a replacement for the Kiernans. As reported McQueen writes in this letter, “Again, I would like to appeal to you to get back my ’68 Mustang. I would like very much to keep it in the family in its original condition as it was used in the film, rather than have it restored; which is simply personal with me,” McQueen said in his letter, dated Dec. 14, 1977.  “I would be happy to try to find you another Mustang similar to the one you have, if there is not too much monies involved in it. Otherwise, we had better forget it,” he concluded. “With kindest regards, I remain very truly yours, Steve McQueen.”

The vehicle’s record sale only goes to show that McQueen still has an enduring appeal with car collectors and movie aficionados.

photo credit: Mecum Auctions, Inc.  Fraser Fast Facts – Volume 1, Issue 2.