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Dukes of Hazzard – General Lee1969 Dodge Challenger General Lee 00 1087x725 1 (VI)
1969 Dodge Charger

1969 Dodge Charger
7.2 Liter RB V8 Engine
RB (Raised Block), Produced from 1959-1979 (Chrysler)
Estimated Brake-Horsepower Rating of 375

What in the world makes this car so special? General Lee Six (GL6) survived the constant movement of  filming locations. Over 225 “General Lees” were produced, used in filming, but ultimately resulted in complete destruction. When television filming wrapped in Georgia, there were a total of 6 General Lees remaining, two that were totalled, three in usable condition and this car (GL6) which had not yet been used. Of the six cars, two of them were scrapped, three of them were shipped to California where they continued to be used but were eventually destroyed. Then there was the sixth car which was sold to the television shows transportation coordinator, Don Schisler, for very small amount of money and “considerations” to cover the money still owed to him by Warner Brothers.

Current status of the 6 General Lees
(according to Volo Auto Museum, Illinois)

Lee I — Used for Seney Hall jump, turned into 71 Race car for Repo-man. Originally scrapped in GA, recovered in 2001, had a total restoration including a re-bodie
Lee II — Stunt car, used for Elm St Jump, repaired, and used again for High Octane Jump. Originally scrapped in GA, no longer exists. Roof was cut off and used as template for Ronnie Edwards to continue painting graphics.
Lee III — Close up car. Sent to CA, wrecked, no longer exists
Lee  IV — 1968 Charger converted to 69. Sent to CA, wrecked, no longer exists
Lee V — 1968 Charger converted to 69. Sent to CA, wrecked, no longer exists
Lee VI — Never sent to CA, never wrecked, never restored