COVID-19 Update - Fraser Is Open!

The COVID-19 has caused concern regarding national business and availability of goods. Note that Fraser Engine Manufacturers will remain open and your ability to purchase an engine and/or transmission will stay intact until further notice. While there have been rumors regarding the viability of the virus to stay on surfaces for long periods of time, please rest assured that our engines and transmissions are prepared and shipped in such a manner that the virus, if it were to be introduced to the surface of the engine, would most likely not be live by the time the product shipped and was received by consumers or garage/shops that install our products. While there are no guarantees, respected scientists and medical advisors have stated that the maximum time that the virus would remain active on the metals used to produce our engines is not longer than 5-6 hours. Our engines and transmissions are shipped freight on board (FOB) which means they are shipped via truck from our 27 warehouse locations across the nation.

Please give us a call at 800-731-3177 for a quote, or more information. Thank you for your continued support of Fraser Engines and Transmissions. Be safe and remain healthy! Fraser Engines and Transmission