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1978 Chevy Trucks - A Best Seller!

From 1978 thru 1983 saw Chevy sell over 1,310,000 models of this very popular, comfortable, and rugged truck.

Engine options in 1978 for Chevy trucks included:

  • 250 I-6 (4.4L), which provided 105 horsepower
  • 292 (5.0L) I-6 with 120 horsepower
  • 250 V-8 with 175 horsepower
  • 400 V-8 (6.6L), which provided 185 horsepower. 

Three-speed manual transmissions, four-speed manual transmissions and three-speed automatics were available.

For truck enthusiasts, the 1973-1987 C/K-Series truck was the advent of the modern-day pickup. Combining comfort with ruggedness, this Chevy truck was a work-horse that many owners still prefer. The 1978 model was a the apex for this truck. And at that time, it was the single-year highest selling truck to date. In fact, five years into the C/K’s life, Chevy sold over 1,310,000 models.

The C/K models had their beginning in 1924. The naming “C” stood for two-wheel drive, and “K” was four-wheel drive. In 1999, the Chevy truck was renamed to the now familiar, Silverado.

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