Engine & Transmission Tips • Issue 43

Fraser Manufacturing

A Division of Fraser Engine Rebuilders, Inc.

Specializing in cylinder head resurfacing, crankshaft and camshaft reconditioning...and more.

This is the first part of a three-part series on what Fraser Manufacturing provides to our customers.

Most importantly, Fraser Manufacturing has been around for several decades in one form or another. With the inclusion in the Fraser Engine Co. family, Fraser Manufacturing inspected, evaluated, and retooled their equipment, processes, and production facilities to provide modern, premiere-quality engine remanufacturing services.

Fraser’s Remanufacturing ProcessFraser Manufacturing
When a vehicle reaches the end of its life, many services recover the engines and other important parts, and sell them to Fraser Manufacturing.
The core is all of the recyclable parts of an engine, and commonly include the block, internals like pistons, the intake head, the exhaust manifold, and even bolt-ons like alternators, water-pumps, power-steering pumps, and AC compressors.

When a core arrives, it is fully-disassembled, and the individual parts are prepared for diagnostic testing. Diagnostic evaluations are performed based on specifications, tolerances, and guidelines from the original, specific manufacturing company, like GM, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford.

Once the diagnostics are completed, and the parts have passed Fraser’s own requirements, the remanufacturing begins. Every remanufactured engine will have the block re-bored and honed to critical tolerances that are slightly above, but still within the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications.
This tooling process Reconditions the cylinder for the best possible performance of the rings and pistons. Fraser strives to provide cylinder seals that are better than than when the engine was new.

Next, the cylinder heads are disassembled, and diagnostics of the seats performed. Each seat and corresponding valves are machined (ground down). The cylinder head is resurfaced and polished for a high-performance finish. After all of the pieces are machined properly, they move on to the cleaning process.

For the first cleaning step, the parts are washed in a 285°(F) Hot Tank. This process provides 65-70% cleaning of the core and parts.

For step two, the core and parts go to the Ultrasonic Cleaner. That removes all remaining water, oil, sand, and other particles embedded in the metal. Afterwards, all parts are ready for reassembly.

Finally, the core is processed through Mangnafluxing, which checks for even the smallest cracks using a metal powder and a powerful magnet to identify potential issues. If any are detected, the core is repaired and moves along to the finishing/reassembly step.

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Summary of Fraser Manufacturing services offered:

  1. Full Engine Remanufacturing
  2. Engine Boring and Honing
  3. Precision Machining
  4. Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  5. Cylinder Head Seat Grinding
  6. Crankshaft Reconditioning, Grinding and Polishing
  7. Camshaft Welding, Grinding and Polishing
  8. Cleaning by Magnaflux, Ultrasonic and Hot Tank

In our second installment of this series, we will continue with an in-depth explanation of the cylinder resurfacing process.

To contact Fraser Manufacturing, call 800-731-3177, extension 120.


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