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Engine & Transmission Tips • Issue 2

Engine Basics

January 22, 2021

An Introduction to Engines – Fraser-Style

Fraser Remanufactured GM 6.2 liter engine

The average automobile owner knows there is an engine under their hood, but beyond that, knowledge, or interest, falls off dramatically.

So, you change the oil as frequently as the little static-cling sticker on the inside of your windshield suggests, and you curse the day the dreaded “check engine” light comes on.

In this issue of Under The Hood we want to empower you with a basic understanding of an engine, and what components may require attention during the lifetime of your ownership.

The engine is part of your drivetrain, which includes the transmission, differential, driveshaft, axles, CV joints, and wheels. (But that’s for another article.)

A typical gas-powered automobile engine consists of:

uth engine block e1611343715684Engine Block – A solid block of metal, machined with many ports, chambers, and conduits, that is the foundation of the engine. All other parts are mounted to the block.

uth carburetorFuel Delivery System – The method of fuel delivery varies by age and configuration of the engine, but commonly include a carburetor or electronic fuel injectors. These pump a fuel/air mixture into individual combustion chambers.

uth cylinder headCylinder Head – The cylinder head includes tooling for external parts like the carburetor, and internal mechanisms like the valves, and mounts directly to the top of the block.

Valves – The valves regulate the flow of air, fuel, and exhaust fumes inside the cylinder head. There are both intake valves and exhaust valves.

uth camshaftCamshafts – The camshaft provides adjustable timing that opens and closes the valves facilitating the combustion of the fuel and exhaust of the spent gasses.

Spark Plugs –The spark plug ignites the fuel/air mixture by providing a rhythmically-timed spark.

uth pistonsPistons – Pistons reside inside the block’s cylinders, and move up and down in a sequence allowing the combustion to expand and move a piston down, while it’s connection to the crank shaft pushes another piston in position for the next combustion cycle.

uth crankshaftCrankshaft – The crankshaft runs from the front to the rear of the engine and is located near the bottom of the block. This component converts energy from combustion in the piston chambers to rotary force and connects to the transmission.

uth timing beltTiming Belt/Chain – The camshaft and crankshaft must work with precise timing, so they are synchronized using a timing belt or chain. New vehicles use a belt made of a heavy-duty rubber with cogs to grasp the pulleys from the camshaft and crankshaft. Older, and more beefy engines still use a chain, very similar to the exposed chain you see on a motorcycle.

Oil Pan – The oil pan, also known as the oil sump, is attached to the bottom of the engine and stores the oil used in the lubrication of the engine.

There are additional systems attached to the engine include cooling, electrical, air-intake/exhaust, and ignition. These include separate components like the radiator, alternator, water pump, carburetor or fuel injectors, battery, starter, and exhaust.

In the Fraser Engine Co. remanufacturing process, a source engine block is completely cleaned the cylinders are rebored. The all new parts are used to rebuild the engine to original or better specifications. Frasier remanufactured engines are bench-tested and are delivered with zero-miles.

Thanks for checking in, and don’t forget to check Under The Hood!

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